Stupid People in Miami Can't Park

I went to Target today and was trapped between 2 retards that don't know how to park!! the one on the right was decently ok, because they were already there before I parked, so i was able to kind of give myself some distance. But the ones on my left arrived AFTER i parked so i had no choice!! Well, as you may or may not know, i have an SUV (Ford Escape), so getting out of a tight spot is not really easy when the 2 people next to you don't know how to park!! Anywho, my PMS side must be out today because pretty much everything is getting on my nerves!! SOOO, i decided to leave a note on their windshield saying  "SERIOUSLY, LEARN HOW TO PARK!"
Which brings me to the point of this particular post... i want to create a flyer that I can print out and keep in my car and place on cars of stupid people that park too close!! What do you guys think?? PS, if you guys have any images I can use for the flyer, I'd love to see them!!

OMG! so I was looking for an image to use for this post, and there is actually a website that is specifically for what i wanted!! it is called You Park Like an Asshole .... They have flyers that you can print out and place on the cars that piss you off!! They are a little bit plain though so I think i am just going to make my own!

So neither of these are my cars but i found the picture online and that's how it felt leaving Target!

Anyways, END OF RANT!

Jennifer Dalia


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