First of all, I'd like to apologize for not writing on this thing like i promised i would. I tend to start writing with the intention of keeping up with it, but I usually let writing go to the sidelines, since its not my favorite thing to do! So here is a quick update of what's going on in my life right now
So, thank God! i am finally, after 6 months, moving back home to my house! Here's the scoop:
In December, my family was selling the house, and we had an offer, so we started the moving process. My parents wanted to try to move to Ocala area, so they rented a house in Dunnellon, FL, a small town outside of Ocala. I have to admit, it was gorgeous. The small town scene is definitely something I could get used to. And the house! It was so pretty!
Well, anyways, things didnt quite work out as we had hoped in Ocala. It was next to impossible for my parents to get a job up there, so as of now, we have cancelled our rental up there, and have plans to move back to our old house.
Now during these 6 months, my dad and I have been living in my grandparents house. Let me tell you, when I asked God to grant me patience, I didn't know it would be through testing my patience LIKE THAT! I'm so grateful for all that they do for me, but seriously, if I never have to live with them again, I'd be a happy person. I've been told, its because they're old, they are set in their ways... But wow, I've never seen such backwards thinking in my life.. Pretty much everyday, they would do something that me and my dad would just have to look at each other and scratch our heads like WTF?!?!
So now we're moving back to our house. OUR house. I can't wait! Again, I'm so grateful for my grandparents allowing us to stay here, because I'm sure it couldn't have been easy for them either, but I can't WAIT to get the heck out of here!! Hopefully by Tuesday, we will be moved in, and I will be immediately starting to paint and redo my bedroom and bathroom.
My bedroom will be a lilac purple. (Pictures to follow) and my bathroom will be a nice minty green, and it will go very well with my pink bathroom things. (Pink and green have always been my fave color combo). I can't wait! I know I'm going to hate the process, but I'm sure I will love the results!
Well, that's pretty much what is going on in my life right now! I'll take pics of the bedroom and bathroom before and after to show the changes!