Reasons Why Nursing School Sucks

As per request of Debbie, I am posting reasons why nursing school sucks, besides the obvious, that i am essentially kicked out for 6 months until i can return to Cardio class in August! I found these lists online and they are sooo true!!

Instructors don't have a clue.
Most instructors are unrealistic demanding psychopaths.
Most instructors are total dumbasses.
Nursing school equals weight gain.
 Two more classes of hell left!
 The Nursing Program is not realistic to the real world.
 Instructors stuck in dark ages of practice.
 Nursing school equals homicide and/or suicide.
 It just sucks.
 If you drop out now then no research project to do.
 It still sucks.
 Class-mates are idiots.
 Nursing school decreases sexual relations.
 Nursing Diagnoses are just a joke.
 Care plans are unrealistic.
 Instructors don't live in the "real world."
 Instructors cannot teach.
 It is a f*cking waste of time.

Once you graduate, you don't use most of what you learned.


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